مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : أمال حسين

أبو علاء
29-12-2005, 22:39
هذه المطربة ليست معروفة جدّا بالقياس إلى غيرها من مطربات جيلها، وهي مع ذلك مطربة لا يستهان بشأنها اكتشفها داود حسني في نفس الفترة الّتي اكتشف فيها أسمهان في الثّلاثينات وغنّت من ألحانه كما غنّت للقصبجي والسّنباطي ومحمود صبح وأحمد عبد القادر وغيرهم، كما يبدو أنّها مثّلت بعض الأفلام السّنمائيّة وغنّت فيها ؛ ولعلّ هذا اللّحن من أحد تلك الأفلام.

مونولوج يا بلبلين في الهوى خايفين من العاذل
كلمات : صالح جودت
لحن : رياض السّنباطي
مقام بياتي

19-01-2006, 07:02
Thanks Abu A'laa for this wonderful song and this wonderful voice. I've just noticed the song. I've already listened to Amal Hussein's Ya Hagery, which was composed by Qassabji, but unfortunately, the recording quality there was too bad that I couldn't tell how beautiful her voice was. It's a shame that these singers never became famous and their songs are mostly unheard of. Thanks again.

PS Amal Hussein's voice bears great resemblance to that of Asmahan (in the early years of her short life) and A'ziza Jalal.


أبو علاء
19-01-2006, 11:07
You're welcome my dear friend. It's indeed amazing that such a nubmer of good voices in the same period went almost unnoticed. I think too there's something comparable between her voice and 'asmahan's, but 'amal Hisin's voice sounds harsher. My suggestion to you when you've been away from the forum for several days is to make a systematic scan of previous pages and threads. It's the only way not to miss important things and I used to do the same in other fora. By the way, we have a muwashah by 'amal Hisin in the muwashahs sticky. There's also another monologue by Sunbati and a dawr to come.

17-11-2011, 23:32
Wow, she is wonderful!! I agree with Luay, it's such a shame these singers are virtually unheard of! As much as I love oum kalthoum, it's refreshing to hear this brilliant style sung with some other colors.