مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Omar Metioui & Eduardo Paniagua

13-01-2006, 00:08
Today I received the album "Musica Andalusi. Ibn Báya - Núba Al-Istihlal" by Omar Metioui & Eduardo Paniagua with a mixed Moroccan/Spanish ensemble. From this CD I'd like to present two small pieces, both on verses by the Egyptian writer Ibn al-Farid (1182-1235), and, as the name of the album says, based on music by the famous scholar and writer Ibn Báya (Abú Bakr Ibn Yahya al-Sâyigh), born 1070 in Zaragoza, died 1138 in Fez.

The first of these is "Mawwal on Tab, Al-Hiyáz Al-Kabír":

"If my soul were in my hands,
I would send it by messenger without delay.
Do not worry about me in love, do not doubt me.
My love is natural, it has no secrets."

The second piece is "Mawwal on Tab, Raml Al-Máya":

"Put on airs, be a flirt,
you are made for it.
God disposed of the beauty he gave you,
decide! It is yours, are you not a judge?
Beauty has given you power for my sake."

The ensemble consists of
- Omar Metioui: Oud, Andalusi Lute, Alto Viola, Tar, Singer
- Eduardo Paniagua: Medieval Flutes
- Luis Delgado: Andalusi Lute
- Gloria Lergo: Singer
- Mohamed El Arabi Serghini: Solo Singer, Alto Viola, Darbouka

The CD was published by Sony in 1995/1996 (SK 62262).

24-03-2006, 17:13
I just came across those two tracks now. The poetry is wonderful. There is a particular sweetness in the Arbo-Andalucian tradition, however, I get confused from the namings. Yesterday I atteneded a concert of Shaabi from Algeria, and everyone says it's roots is Andalucia (talking about love and exile).

thanks Ambrose

14-04-2007, 01:40
Thank you Ambrose.

Here is another version of the second mawwal, an excerpt recorded from the radio a while ago. It's imbued with the same sweetness (عذوبة) that Hakem mentioned above.

Saad Temsamani, singer
Omar Metioui, Oud