: Kudsi Ergner & Derya Turkan

19-01-2006, 19:43
Here are two pieces by Kudsi Ergner and Derya Turkan (*Istanbul 1973; a student of Ihsan Özgen) from their album "Chemins" ("Paths"), published by al sur in 1997 (ALCD 229). The album is dedicated to the memory of Mahmoud Tabrizi-Zahdeh. The other musicians are Pierre Rigopoulos on Zarb and Martin Saint-Pierre on Bendir. All compositions on this CD are by Kudsi Ergner (except one), and all are based on poems by Mevlana Djelaleddin Rumi.

The first piece is "L'nigme (Toi et Moi)" - "The Enigma (Me and You)":

In truth we are but one soul, me and you
We appear and we hide you in me, me in you.
This is the deep meaning of my relationship with you,
Because, between me and you, there is neither me, nor you.

Together ... This is the garden of Paradise.
Apart ... This is the torment of Hell.
Love is eternal, the universe is its clothing,
It exposes he who is clothed... This is the key to the Enigma.

The second piece is called "Matrice" ("Matrix"):

Walk, although the road has no end,
To look from afar is for cowards,
This raod leads to the lifew of the heart.
The life of the body is for animals.

The beloved mumured indistinct words,
I lost my reason; there was nothing left of me!
My God! She must have been saying a spell
For the mark is engraved in my stone heart.

19-02-2006, 00:47
Interesting, experimental, and meditative.
But Kudsi's ney is like a floating bird!

thank you