مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Back to Kudsi

01-02-2006, 17:28
The wonders of e-bay! Got hold of this very cheap and old CD called Turkey - Flute - The Turkish Ney.

On it to my surprise was the first Turkish recording that I ever saw for Isamail Haqqi's Ferehfeza Pesrev. One of my favourite pesrevs of all times.

Also the small brochure was a treasure! It explained that it was Ismail Haqqi who invented the maqam Farahfeza.


I really don't know why Ismail Haqqi's instrumental compositions aren't recorded. He is highly respected in Ottoman history and his title was always Muallem (Teacher).

01-02-2006, 20:53
Wonderful music, thank you. Is it Kudsi Erguner playing the ney? If so, can you give more details on the CD (company, year, number, etc.), so I can add it to the discography?

Some hours later: Of course it is Kudsi Erguner. I found the album in my own shelves - it is the 1987 Ocora album "Turquie - Musique Soufi" (C 559017).

I have uploaded three pieces by Ismail Hakki Bey in the Turkish music section.

13-03-2007, 15:43
Wonderful music, thank you