مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Ismail Hakki Bey

01-02-2006, 23:41
In another thread Najib Coutya has brought up the name of Ismail Hakki Bey (1866-1927). I have leafed through my CDs of Turkish music and found three pieces written by this illustrious composer.

On the first one you can hear Ismail Hakki Bey himself singing (in 1926/27, i.e. shortly before his death in 1927) his own composition, the Gazel "Ey melek rahi hayatta" ("O angel, on the Path of Life") in Makam Neva, accompanied by keman, kanun and oud. This piece was (re-)published by Rounder Records on their "Masters of Turkish Music, Vol. 2" in 1996. The small foto of Ismail Hakki Bey is from this album's booklet.

In the second piece you hear Kudsi Erguner, ney and Gilles Andrieux (a french student of Talip Ozcan, Kudsi Erguner and Nezih Uzel), tanbur: Nihavend Nakish Agir Semai from their 1992 Al Sur CD "Musique Classique Otoomane" (ALCD 104).

As for the third piece, I'm not sure whether it already exists on this forum, since it is from the album "Darüs-Sifa. Music of the Otooman Empire", of which many songs have already been uploaded in some other thread. It is "Acemkürdi Saz Semai" featuring Hasan Esen on kemence.

أبو علاء
02-02-2006, 01:09
Affirmative, the third piece, Acemkürdi Saz Semai, has been posted in the mentioned thread. Thanks Ambrose

04-03-2006, 19:35
While browsing the net today I found a very interesting page of Turkish music with lots of downloads (mehter and fasil):
Among many other pieces it features one more composition of Ismail Hakki Bey, "Senin Askin Ile Ihya Olurum".

أبو علاء
04-03-2006, 19:57
Interesting site. I tried to find the ushaq pesrev of Aziz Dede for Najib, but I found only one by Tatyos. Thanks, Paul.

12-03-2006, 23:34
Today I found one more short composition by Ismail Hakki Bey: a Nihavend Sharki, sung by an unspecified choir. The recording (and many other samples of Turkish classical, folk and military music) can be found at the website
which is basically the same as the music section on the site of the Turkish Ministry for Culture and Tourism
http://www.kultur.gov.tr/EN/Yonlendir.aspx?17A16AE30572D313AAF6AA849816B2EF9B7 1935287F9CB97
(this is the link to the english version - it is available in many languages including Arabic), but ottomansouvenir.com has an additional section "Ottoman Music - Modern Samples", which is lacking on the govt. site, whereas the govt. site has some more samples of folk music.