مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Sephardic Chant

18-02-2006, 14:22
A new discovery, in the Sephardic Jewish tradition from the Ottoman Empire.

Noche De Alhad (Prayer of end of Shabat i.e. Saturday after sunset)
By Bienvenida Aguado (born in Cannakale, Turkey in 1929)
Album: Chants Judeo-Espagnols De La Mediterranee Orientale
Recorded in 1993. Produced by Inedit (Maison des Cultures du Monde).

The chant is in Ladino (spoken form Spanish of the 13th. C)

When I first heard it, I did not know what it was, I thought it was a Byzantine chant!



19-02-2006, 17:44
It's very close to Byzantine indeed.

And the makam is Turkish Bayati (Starts high and doesn't land on the karar of the Doukah until very late).

If anyone has the Bayati peshrev of Dede Amin efendi let him post it, it is very close to the piece being sung here!