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Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi

(Istanbul 9 Jan 1778 - Mecca 29 Nov 1846)

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A Short Biography:
His real name is Hammamizade Ismail, the name Dede Efendi being his courtesy title as a Mevlevi Dervish. After ITRI, he is the greatest of all Ottoman classical composers. He took his first music lessons from Uncuzade Mehmet Emin Efendi, and later from Ali Nutki Dede, Seyh (leader) of Yanikapi Mevlevi Lodge. He completed his novitiate at the same dervish lorge in 1799, and took the title of Dede at just 21.

Only half of his compositions have survived in notated form, and of these 268 compositions 6 are Mevlevi ayins. Dede Efendi played the ney and had a fine singing voice. He was the creator of the Sultaniyegah, Neveser, Sababuselik, Hicazbuselik and Araban-Kurdi Maqams.

He died in Mina of Cholera after making the pilgrimage to Mecca with his disciples Dellalzade Ismail and Mutafzade Ahmet, and was burried in Mecca.

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Here they are! As I said beauty is complete when it is shared! These are the nicest I've heard from Ottoman repretoire, both the composition and the performance. I am still hunting for somethign as beautiful, so if someone got one, please post it!

Album: Dede Efendi - Hzzam Ayini Ve Din Dışı Eserleri - CD 2
By: İdktmk Under The Direction Of Nevzat Atlığ
(The same album from which Najib posted the Huzzam Ayini few days ago)

The Huzzam Ayini of Dede Efendi is available at:

Track 2: Mştak-I Cemalin Gece Gndz Dil-I Şeyda
Track 3: Cana Firak-I Aşkınla Suz-I Nakinem
Track 5: Yzndr Cihanı Mnevver Eden

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One of the most loved Hicaz compositions of Dede Efendi,

Yine Nes'e-i Muhabbet
(maqam Hicaz)

is posed on a seperate thread, with 2 different versions:

27-04-2006, 16:22
Just discovered a Watlz composition of Dede Efendi:

Ey But-I Eda Olmusum Muptela
(makam Hicaz)

Lyrics by: Enderuni Vasıf
Source album: Hammamizade İsmail Dede Efendi (Trk Bestekarlari Serisi)
Singer: Ferahnaz Gndoğdu


Ey Bt-i nev-ed
olmuşum mptela
Aşkıkam ben sana
İltifat et bana
Aşıkım ben sana

Gordğm den Berı
Olmuşam serseri
Bendenem ey peri
İltifat et bana
Aşıkım ben sana

Hasılı bunca dem
Ben senin bendenem
Gel gel ey gonca fem
İltifat et bana
Aşıkım ben sana

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This is a more correct version of the lyrics and translation I suppose and this is my favourite song. This song is in fact Turkish. Although there are some old-fashioned words are in it, most words in it are used nowadays in Turkey.

ey bti nev eda
olmuşum mptela
aşıkım ben sana
iltifat et bana

Oh darling ( made ) of cilve (naz, işve)
I have become addicted
I am in love with you
Pay attention to me

gördğmden beri
olmuşum serseri
bendenem ey peri
iltifat et bana

Since I saw you
I am out of my mind
Dear fairy I am your slave
Pay attention to me

hasılı bunca dem
ben senin bendenem
gel gel ey gonca fem
iltifat et bana

Shortly(clearly) words this much ( means that )
I am your slave
Come, come to me oh darling with rose lips ( lit. rosebud mouthed )
Pay attention to me

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Thanks for the translation and welcome to this forum!

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Excellent! Thanks so much for a beautiful translation to the wonderful lyrics. Just saw it, I have been travelling extensively. Please add translations to whatever you feel like.

Where are you based? in Turkey?

John Smoth
04-11-2006, 05:42
Do you have more of these beautiful songs. Thank you soooooooo much for these, please post more.