مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Music from Afghanistan

24-03-2006, 16:17
This is the London base Bkhtar Ensemble.

They research Afghani music, and with them is my friend the Pontic Lyra player Matthaios Tsahourides.

This song has got a beautiful introduction on Lyra, and then the rhythm joins in.

The northern Indian influence on the music is very obvious.


24-03-2006, 16:31
The Lyra is just about to talk!

This is indeed a very famous Afghan song. It has been adopted by a pop singer from Azerbaijan Yusuf Islam, and made a pan-Islamic song out of it in Turkish, English and Arabic. Vodafone-Egypt took the song and made it into their own advertizment during Ramadan of last year!

I not too happy to see religious songs/meanings being used for commercial and capitalist ends.

Thanks Najib! If you can tell us the album information, I would be grateful.


24-03-2006, 16:36
If this is THE Yusuf Islam that I know. He is none but Pop singer Cat Stevens (I love his style, and his voice).

Also before even being Cat Stevens he was a Greek from East London!!

24-03-2006, 16:42
Sorry, his name is: Sami Yusuf and the song is Hasbi Rabbi. He is from Azerbaijan.

20-06-2006, 22:54
What an amazing music!!!!!!!
You are right,it is has a big indian influence
Thank U!

امير منصور
12-11-2006, 12:39
This is a rare Afghani song ملامحمد جان, is performed instrumental and has a Persian lyrics and was sung by Pooran (an Iranian female singer) about 1970.