مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : Lambros Leontaridis

24-03-2006, 18:44
Archive material published in a new CD on Lyra player Lambros Leondarides by En Chordais.

The new thing to me is that he was the cousin of Yorgo and Aleko Bacanos!

27-03-2006, 09:38
That is absolutely wonderful music, Najib. Such an abundance of musical genius in one family...

What is the name of the album? Is it still available? If not so, I'd like to ask you for more samples.

27-03-2006, 12:42
Yes again, it's a new wonderful new CD from En Chordais.

It's called Lambros Lenotaridis, politiki Lyra. CD 1923

Why is it a "politki" Lyra, I will leave that to our young Antrhopologis friend Hakem :-)

27-03-2006, 15:52
This term is used in the Greek naming of instruments coming from Istanbul/Constantinople, so "Politiki" here refers to The City (known in colloquial Greek as "Tambuli" from which Istanbul was derived).

The Politiki Lyra is therefore the Greek name for the Ottoman / Turkish / Istanbul "kemenche."

I found the following paragraph on a website about the history of the Lyra, I am not sure to what extent this information is accurate.
"Originally a folk instrument, this was introduced to the art music of the Ottomans by the Greek gypsy musician and composer Vasilaki in the 19th Century. This is a small instrument, and because it does not have a nut, the middle string is longer than the other two and the fingering starts in a different position."
Source: www.fiddlingaround.co.uk/med/Med+mid%20frame.html

Another instrument with the same naming is the Lavta which is called: "politiko laouto" which is the Ottoman Oud or Istanbul Oud.

Another example is the film "Politiki Cousina" refers also to the "Kitchen of Istanbul"...etc