مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : تراتيل الفصح

25-03-2006, 15:17
ترتيلة سريانية رائعةمقام حجاز ، قيمة موسيقية شرقية حقة؛إهداء لنجيب الذي حضر حفلة شربل روحانا الأحد في باريس دون أن يصح لنا لقائه
أخوكم علي زنجران

25-03-2006, 15:23
مقام صبا ترتيلة سريانية

25-03-2006, 17:42
Thanks so much for this. I have a weak point to Syriac hymns!
The first track, I think this is the same peice posted by Najib from the film (in the visual section), and very similar voice.

What is the source of these tracks?

25-03-2006, 17:48
What a shame we couldn't meet.

I wish I posted something about it.

Hakem and I were sitting together in Notre Dame, but we should meet again, because hopefully I'll abuse Hakem's hospitality for another concert in the future.

I understood from Charbel that although the Cellist was very familar with the repertoire, the pianist and violinist have met the others for the first time on Friday. So they only did 3 days of practising, and this why people weren't very adventurous, but also I think they were tired. Because if you hear Ali el Khatib in the actual CD he does much more than what he did on the night.

Also I was hoping for Qasabgi's Thikrayat, but Charbel said that they had to economise the program a bit due to the short training time.

Anyway we shall exchange phone numbers, and we'll all meet again in Paris inshallah. In the mean time you should exchange phone numbers with Hakem because he is a serious concert goer! And he is in Paris!!

25-03-2006, 19:14
Ya ahlan beek ya Najib any time! It is a pleasure to have you my dear friend.

Yes, I am up to meeting in Paris. Do you know that there is the Maqam sans fronteirs at the IMA? Let's get in touch.

25-03-2006, 23:03
Dear Najib and Dear Hakim,
With great pleasure, I'll send u guys my phone number via e-mail so we can stay in touch, do not forget to contact me when there is a concert in the IMA or theatre de la ville or elsewhere. To answer your question Hakem, The tracks are from a cd that I've borrowed from the municipal library : "Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch/ Liturgical chants of Lent and Good Friday"/ CD published by Maison des cultures du monde.

25-03-2006, 23:22
by the way
My best friend (from Amyoun/ koura) told me that your Father is one of the best singer of Byzantian style ever in lebanon, in Amyoun when they want to speak highly of somebody's technic of byzantian chant, they say he is Dimitri Coutya's Student or he adopt Dimitri Cotya's style.

26-03-2006, 22:03
I owe u a Dimitri Coutya CD!

26-03-2006, 23:55
Thank you very much for your kind words about my father.

I am in the process of transforming some of his sixties, and seventies recordings, and I hope to post them gradually.

Who is your Amyoun friend? Please give him my regards.

BTW Hakem told me that this is the Nouri Iskandar posting.

So thank you very much you helped us solve a puzzle now:

This is the same clip you posted, but on video: