مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : فيديو وديع الصافي

07-04-2006, 18:36
يعزف في الثمانينات على العود المثمن الأوتار لمخترعه الأستاذ مجدي العشماوي وقد حصلنا على إذن الأستاذ مجدي لتحميل هذا الملف ونأمل أن يشارك في هذا المنتدى ويحدثنا عن إختراعه وخبرته الموسيقيه

أبو علاء
09-04-2006, 01:33
طوبى لصاحب العود وصاحب الأصابع وواضع التّسجيل.

09-04-2006, 01:40

it is quite funny how we seem to be doing the same things: Just today I downloaded a couple of videos from http://www.elashmawyoudandnay.com/video.html and now I saw your post from the same site!

09-04-2006, 18:58
Yes it's a joy to see people starting to open their vaults of treasures, and post some of it, and, knowing Magdy, this is the very tip of the iceberg.

What I like about his collection is the massive amount of private evening that he recorded when he was a young man on his silk machine. One of them is a famous private evening with none but Riyad Sunbati.

Also I'm hoping through his collection to be introduced ot unknown soldiers in the field of Arabic music, such as his friend Mustafa el Alayli who was a wonderful Oud and Gumbush player.

Also I am hoping that we get introduced to a wonderful Buzuq player who was an aviator of the name Captain Ali Zuhni. His tape of Buzuq playing brought tears to my eyes.

We are hoping that he will actively participate with us, to explain about his invention(s), and his wonderful collection.

10-04-2006, 19:21
Dear Najib,

Thank you very much for your nice thread which gives some light on the serious modifications which I did on the Oud and the Nay. The whole story can be found on my website which is www.elashmawyoudandnay.com which I have explained in the page named "answers" in my website how the imposters tried to steal what is not theirs. Secondly I am in the process of launching some new videos and I have launched already very interesting Audios so please be patient when you download them as they are long but worth the wait. The name of the Jumbosh player is Tawfiq Al Alilee who was a lawyer by profession and a very talented musician as you will hear him in the new audios in my audio section. Also something very interesting is the Abdul Hameed recording which shows everbody's level of knowledge in this beautiful time (audio).

Please feel free to put Ali Zohni buzuk recording in your forum because very few people knew him as he was a pilot by profession. Something else the Sahran song Riyad with Tawfiq which i gave to Abdul Qadir Sabri was composed twice once by Riyad Al Sonbati which we all know about and the other one by Mohammed Al Qasabji from a Maqam which is not known in our day called Ma Bayna al Nahrain (between the two rivers). I found the name of this Maqam in one of the rare books. Hopefully you will enjoy the new audios and the very rare new videos which are in the process of being launched.

P.S. I would love every body to put their comments on the forum, they will be more than welcome.


شادي الالحان
12-04-2006, 12:10
شكرا لك عزيزي نجيب على هذا الملف الرائع
وشكرا للاستاذ مجدي العشماوي على اتاحة الفرصه

12-04-2006, 18:55
يلي ما لحق منكم يلحق

على ويب سايت الأستاذ مجدي

آخر إضافه

هناك فيديو للرائع عباس البليدي مع القانوني المعجزه عبدالحميد صبرا في الستينات
وهناك فيديو لهما في الثمانينات وهم شيوخ في بيت الأستاذ مجدي في لندن

Please check the last update to Dr Ashmawy's site.

Abbas Bilidi and Abdel Magid Sabra in their youth in the sixties in Cairo, and in their old days at the house of Dr Magdy in London.

13-04-2006, 10:25
Thank you very much Mr. Ashmaway ..your site is interesting indeed and i am browsing through it the last couple of days ...
Pleasure to have you here ..

27-04-2006, 02:11
مشكووووووووووور تسلم الانامل

30-09-2006, 01:51

08-10-2006, 22:29
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