مشاهدة جميع الاصدارات : محمد صادق

24-04-2006, 09:11
muhammad sadik singing here

((fe dawlt al7usn))

from a frinsh site for a company called(( zonophone))

hope you will injoy it

all my respect

24-04-2006, 12:56
Dear Zeus,
This is a *wonderful* document, in an excellent state. Alf shokr !
Zonophone was originally bought off by Gramophone Ltd and included in the Gramophone catalogues as a sub-category. I think it was the Italian branch who recorded in Egypt, before the British Gramophone era. This is the Wikipedia text concerning Zonophone :

Zonophone, early on also rendered as Zon-O-Phone was a record label founded in 1899 in Camden, New Jersey by Frank Seaman. The Zonophone name was not that of the company, but was applied to the records and machines sold by Seaman from 1899-1900 to 1903.
Seaman had worked for Emile Berliner's Berliner Gramophone. Seaman decided to start his own company to produce disc records and disc phonographs. Seaman's "Zon-O-Phone" records design and technology were shamelessly stolen from Berliner, and the machines similarly copied from the products of Eldridge R. Johnson's Consolidated Talking Machine Company. Seaman then sued Berliner and Johnson for violating his technology! With the help of lawyer Phillip Mauro, Seaman arranged for an alliance with Columbia Records (then manufacturing only cylinder records and machines), arguing that the patents held by Columbia concerning cylinders applied to any type of recording where a stylus vibrated in a groove, and that Zon-O-Phone would pay royalties if Columbia helped him drive Berliner out of business. In 1900 Seaman and Mauro succeeded in getting a judge to file an injunction that Berliner and Johnson stop making their products.
Johnson and Berliner counter-sued, and the following year emerged victorious in court—prompting the name of their new combined company, The Victor.
Further legal actions dragged on until 1903, when all of the United States and Latin American assets of Zon-O-Phone were turned over to Victor, and the Europe and British Commonwealth assets to the Gramophone & Typewriter Company (which was to become HMV).
Victor Talking Machine continued use of the "Zonophone" name to market cheaper records which for whatever reason were not of the technical standard of the Victor label until retiring the label in the U.S. in 1910.
In the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, The Gramophone Company (later EMI) continued to use the "Zonophone" label through 1931. When HMV and Columbia(UK) merged to form Electrical and Musical Industries, Ltd. (EMI), the lower-priced labels of the two firms were merged also as Regal Zonophone, which continued until c. 1949. Since EMI owned the rights to the Zonophone name.

I own the 1909 and 1912 catalogues, where a few Muhammad Effendi Sadiq recordings are mentionned, but not this mawwal rast.

The reason for this is quite tricky : this is indeed Muhammad Sadiq, but it is included as the second face of a record in which Muhammad Saliim, who was a more famous performer, is singing on face one (singing "ya haafiz el-wedd"), and it is therefore listed in the Muhammad Saliim section. The Maktabat al-Sawt in Cairo, who also owns the record, wrongly attributes it to shaykh Muhammad Saliim instead of Muhammad Effendi Saadiq. The catalogue number of your very rare record is :
Zonophone 102688
and 1907 is a fairly probable date of recording.

The website you mention is http://www.archeophone.org/cylindres_textes/liste_disques.php in which some very interesting recordings are to be found, many thanks for alerting us to this site ! For those who wish to hear a complete version of the Zonophone "lisan ed-dam3" by Hilmi, I will post it later on the forum.


24-04-2006, 13:46
Can't wait for Lisan el Dam3.

Thank you both Zeuvs and Frederic